Discover the BMW Driving Experience.

Fast lane changes and explosive braking and steering manoeuvres: the BMW Driving Experience prepares you for those shock situations you could experience any day on four wheels. Although our intense training modules demand a great deal of you, there is always time for one thing: sheer driving pleasure.

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The BMW Driving Experience is not just any old driving school. The programme offers far more than just driver safety courses. Whether drifting on ice and snow, finding the ideal line on the racetrack, or cruising through picturesque scenery: the diversified, brand-specific programme is guaranteed to hit the mark with beginners and advanced drivers alike – and with the right vehicle for the job.

Learn how to consciously handle the car in various situations, some of which are critical. Grow in confidence, stay calm and experience maximum driving pleasure out on the track. This is a great way to become a safer driver in daily traffic on the roads. Once you have taken part in the BMW Driving Experience, you will never see yourself or your car in the same way again.

During the training sessions and trips, you can concentrate fully on the driving experience. This is ensured by BMW M GmbH, which is responsible for the BMW Driving Experience. In order to ensure you learn as much as possible, whilst at the same time having as much fun as possible, all courses and trips take place in small groups and under the guidance of, or accompanied by, specially trained BMW instructors.

You can find more information about the wide range of features available on the BMW Driving Experience here.