Customer Support powered by BMW Motorsport.

The service offering that BMW Motorsport provides for customer teams includes long-term availability and on-site support at the racetrack.

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Parts Supply

  • Worldwide parts supply using trade organisations for all BMW Motorsport vehicles. All parts can be ordered and procured from BMW dealers worldwide. BMW Motorsport provides direct sales and associated consultancy services for more technically complex vehicles, such as the BMW M6 GT3.
  • BMW Motorsport is well aware of the long tradition of support and also provides parts supply for older BMW Motorsport vehicles to ensure that they can continue to compete in races.


Spare Parts Trucks.

  • Parts supply for the BMW M6 GT3 at circuits around Europe with up to two BMW Motorsport spare parts trucks, allowing coverage of events taking place at the same time.
  • Parts supply for the BMW M235i Racing on site with a BMW Motorsport spare parts truck for selected customer sport events.

Customer Sport Portal.

BMW Motorsport provides a special service for all current vehicles - a customer sport portal that can be accessed worldwide. Customers can find all the information they need in the online portal, wherever they are in the world. Spare parts catalogue, construction manual, runtime specifications, important changes, safety notes, etc.
Engineer Support.

BMW Motorsport supports customers with support engineers working at circuits worldwide. In 2016, BMW customer teams enjoyed valuable support from BMW Motorsport at more than 150 events around the world.